Raising Future Leaders: lessons from a Duke University sports psychologist

I had the fortune and opportunity this morning to sit in on a presentation about sports and leadership for parents of high school students, given by Greg Dale, sports psychologist for Duke University. What may be odd about this, as my blog readers know, is that I have a second grader, making him still five years removed from high school. My biggest take-away from the presentation – all of the rules of high school sports psychology and parenting very much still apply to lower school! Continue reading

Adapting to Our World: will an online degree plus experience and skills be greater than a traditional college degree?

Some thoughts and opinions based on the Webucator.com blog To College or Not to College – the Million Dollar Question, written by Dave Dunn

In the 1990’s, MBA’s were all the rage, costing upwards of $100,000 in promise of guaranteed job placement and higher earnings. Fast forward 15 years and those who invested likely made no significant gain up the corporate ladder, nor are financially more well off than a well experience bachelor degree-earning employee. Why? Corporations are looking for real-life experience and skill, not something learned in a lecture hall based on theory. Yes, theory is a good basis, but it is not practical application.

Continue reading

Should Schools Ban Homework?

Huh? Ban homework? When I first read Should Schools Ban Homework? in the CNN Opinion section I thought, with the current state of our educations system, the idea of no homework is absurd, but change is needed… Continue reading

Part 2: Closing the Resume Gap – back to work (sort of)

I just reposted a blog entry I wrote a little over a year ago with some concerns and questions about being a stay-at-home parent and whether or not to go back to work. My son is now starting 2nd grade and is becoming more self sufficient, leaving me some free time to start closing my resume gap. Continue reading

Part 1: Becoming a SAHD and Facing the Resume Gap: tough decisions ahead

I recently was contacted by one of my readers asking for some advice and insight on the decision to become a stay at home dad and re-entering the workforce after years of full-time parenting.  These concerns cross both stay at home dads and stay at home moms alike. The dreaded “resume gap” can instantly send your resume to the circular file.  There really are no right or wrong answers to his questions, nor are there any easy solutions to the resume gap.  However, there are some things you can do to help.  Below is the email from my reader and my response.  Any comments or added insights are always welcome! Continue reading