Simple (and inexpensive) Home Improvement

When you are a stay at home dad (or mom for that matter), your home is your office.  You spend all of your days in the same place with no change of scenery.  If you are a new dad, sitting on the floor playing with blocks, someday you will look around and see something in your house that you just can’t look at anymore.  It’s a stay at home right of passage. For me, it was a curtain in the living room that I could no longer stand to look at.  The colors, the pattern, the texture, everything about them made me hate them.  My wife, to this day, still laughs at this.  I think she is humoring me and picking her battles 🙂  Now we have new solid colored curtains in the living room, and I am in a better place.  But now the throw pillows don’t really match anymore. Continue reading