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  1. Do other men feel Isolated from play groups that are female based? I find that my Son and I are never invited to play dates or anything I have put out offers several times with no success. I am keep my son who is 3 1/2 in preschool and other activities. However That is his only socialization with his peer group.


  2. Hi! we are starting a dads’ playgroup at our local playgroup centre in Western Australia, on Saturday mornings. Any suggestions of wording we can use to promote the group based on what men might be most looking for from hanging out with other dads/their kids, please?

    • Keep it simple and straight forward. I would stay away from using terms like “give mom a break”, “let mom go shopping” etc. Keep it dad centric.
      * spend quality time with your kids
      * grab a cup of coffee and meet other dads
      * model social skills for your kids. Introduce yourself to other dads and have them introduce themselves to other kids
      * many new friendships are made at the playground for both parents and kids
      * Saturday morning, kids play, dads talk (news, sports, challenges of parenthood)
      * Some may be stay at home dads. They may want to set up other play dates for during the week or swap times where they can arch each other’s kids while they run errands in peace!
      * If you have enough dads and kids, organize a sport like kickball or other age appropriate activity. Maybe a scavenger hunt — find a pine cone, leaf, bug, shiny rock, etc…
      * if it takes off, and there is a lot of participation, you could do a BBQ/cookout for the whole family where the dads can introduce their wives.

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