Stay at Home Dad Research Study: New 2014 Survey

Hello fellow SAHDs!

Dr. Beth A. Latshaw and Ms. Stephanie I. Hale of Widener University need our help in conducting a study on stay-at-home dads and full-time fathers well-being.  This is a very important project that will modernize and update data on dads across the country!

They are currently recruiting participants to complete an anonymous, online
survey about your experiences as a parent.

Take the survey by clicking on the link below or read on for more detailed information. Survey ends September 22, 2014.  

Study Background:

Research Study Recruiting More Stay-at-Home Father Participants!

Researchers from Widener University are currently recruiting a second wave of stay-
at-home fathers to complete an anonymous, online survey about the well-being of
full-time father families. Note: We recently shortened our survey questionnaire (so
it will take you less time to complete it) and are now re-launching the survey to
recruit more fathers.

Who can participate?

“Stay-at-home dads,” “full-time dads,” and/or fathers who are between the ages of
18-65 and are the “primary caregivers” of children under the age of 18.

What will your participation involve?

Taking an anonymous, online survey (65 questions) regarding your demographic
information, work/family history, experiences as a full-time father, and the well-
being of your family.

When/where will you participate?

Anywhere you have an internet connection and approximately 20-30 minutes of

How do you participate?

Click on the following link, and you will be instantly taken to the online survey:   

For more information, contact: Dr. Beth A. Latshaw (
Thank you for your time and consideration.

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Widener
University (Study #17-14).



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