Two Household Products I Can’t Live Without

OK, so maybe there are several products I use around the house while in my OCD cleaning trance, but these two make my job as CDO, Chief Domestic Officer a little easier.

#1 on my list is OxiClean.  Yes, the commercials are silly and wreak of “as seen on TV,” but they have proven themselves far beyond the infomercial.  The commercials strangely appeal my 5 year old to the point he can repeat them  – “Daddy, I got pudding on my shirt.  Better use OxiClean – it gets tough stains out!” Seriously.

The stuff really works!  It not only works on virtually any laundry stain, but also on carpet stains (use your imagination here on what could possibly stain your carpet!).  My new found use – a much lower cost deck brightener!  It works better, with less chemicals than many of the over-priced deck cleaners on the market.



#2 on my list is for anyone who has multiple surfaces in their kitchen.  I have wood, stainless steel, glass, ceramic tile and glazed subway tile.  There is finally a product that will work on all of these surfaces without streaking and it has a very light citrus scent.

Pledge Multi-Surface everyday cleaner.  It is 99% natural and still cuts through grease and fingerprints without leaving a residue.  Just spray on the surface and wipe clean.  No rinsing necessary.  Spray a rag with it and wipe down your iPhone, iPad, computer screen and more.  It cuts down on the amount of chemicals you use in the kitchen (and bathroom) and saves time!


2 thoughts on “Two Household Products I Can’t Live Without

  1. I agree with the Oxiclean. As a prior Navy Company Commander (drill instructor), it has been a staple in our laundry room for many years. I swear by that stuff. My two kids (ages 1 and 3) manage to stain things that weren’t meant to be stained, and I pre-treat their clothes (and mine!) before I toss them in the washer. Stuff comes out like it was new. Blood, dirt, boogers, etc. Thanks for the info, great site.

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